"Bandis Yong. Young punk with delusions of being a master slicer. A rude and talentless cretin."
―An old man to Merei Spanjaf[src]

Bandis Yong was a male individual who once attended the Vocational School for Institutional Security and a friend of Jix Hekyl. Yong had some talent as a slicer, but also an over-inflated opinion of himself. When Merei Spanjaf was searching for a way to get a snooper, Hekyl gave his name to her as a contact. Spanjaf met with him and he was able to give her another contact that could get her what she needed. He was, however, lecherous individual with personal hygiene issues. Spanjaf had to fend off three requests to date her and tell him six times that she already had a boyfriend before he would leave her alone. When she later used his name with the contact he had given her, the old man suggested that she should have better taste in friends.[1]


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