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Chewie SWSB

Chewbacca wearing a bandoleer

Bandoleers were medium to large items of utilitarian clothing that the owner could wear around their left or right shoulder down across their torso, or as a large belt. Normally worn by military or paramilitary forces as well as mercenaries and others who needed large supplies of ammunition, bandoleers consisted of many ammunition pouches sewn together or snapped to a belt. Though typically used to carry extra ammunition for blaster-type and other ranged weaponry, bandoleers could also carry grenades, supplies of synthrope, and other sorts of items useful on the battlefield or in covert operations. They were also sometimes called "utility belts" for this same reason. Amongst notable wearers of bandoleers were Chewbacca, Commander Gree, clone trooper Jek, Embo, Boba and Jango Fett, as well as members of the Krozurbian War Council.[1]



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