The Bank of the Core Plaza was a large public square situated at the financial heart of Galactic City on Coruscant. The plaza served as a locus of galactic finance, principally as the headquarters of the Bank of the Core.


In 24 BBY, before the Clone Wars, the plaza hosted the inaugural ceremony for the All Planets Relief Fund, one of Chancellor Palpatine's pet projects that responded to petitions from worlds in peril for immediate funding that otherwise would be stalled in the Galactic Senate's bureaucratic quagmire; the fund's central account was being contributed to by multiple Senate-member worlds in crystalline vertex. A criminal heist of the vertex treasury was attempted in the closing moments of the plaza ceremony—as the treasury was being escorted under Senate Guard to its designated Core Bank vault repository—by members of the Slam gang, in collusion with galactic criminals Granta Omega and Jenna Zan Arbor.[1]

The heist served as a diversion to the plaza of all Senate security personnel from Omega and Zan Arbor's true target of assassination—Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was presiding over a full-Senate debate in the Galactic Senate Building on whether to bar the Jedi Order from further action on behalf of the Senate. Omega and Zan Arbor were the masterminds also of the debate itself, for it was the result of a petition that originated with Omega's early sponsor, Eeropha Senator Sano Sauro (his power-hungry eyes set now on the Republic Chancery), and brought to fruition by Jedi-shamed[2] Nuralee Senator Bog Divinian and Jedi-deposed[3] Romin dictator Roy Teda. The conspirators hoped to eliminate Jedi interference and Palpatine in a single day.[1]

The Bank of the Core Plaza was also where Kal Skirata first met with the terrorist Perrive in a black ops operation during the Clone Wars.[4]



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