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"Watch out kid, this thing handles like a drunken bantha."
―Han Solo, as he piloted an AT-AT[src]

Banthas were a species of hairy mammals that lived in the deserts of the planet Tatooine, but were bred on many worlds throughout the galaxy.[2] Those social herd animals were used as loyal pack animals by the Tusken Raiders.[1] Banthas were quadrupeds with bright eyes and trampling feet. While all banthas were peaceful herbivores,[3] the males of the species had a pair of sharp, spiraling horns that grew from their skull. Banthas were widely used to make food, drink, clothes, and furniture. Their milk, which was distinctively blue, was drunk plain as well as being used in yogurt, ice cream, and butter. Their meat was used for dried jerky, steaks, and burgers, and their dung was even used as a fuel. Bantha-blood fizz was a sparkling drink made from purified bantha blood, and their hide could be mashed with grains to make Ardees, also known as Jawa juice. Their hide was also tanned and turned into clothes or funiture.[4] They were employed on moisture farms and as pack animals by Tusken Raiders, whom they had deep relationships with.[2]

Bantha were the subject of at least one saying: "wild bantha chase."[5]

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