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Bantha Traxx toy

Bantha Traxx Boutique gift shop sold Stuffed banthas.

Bantha Traxx was an extensive restaurant and entertainment complex located in the upper-class areas of Lianna. It was established in the old Club Vortex building. The business was owned by Yin Vocta and quickly became a popular place for rich and powerful clientele. The Gathering of the Herd music festival was held annually at Bantha Traxx.

The huge building contained, among other things, a restaurant, bar, gift shop, and a dance floor. The entire place was designed in a desert style with traditional Liann architecture. This was done as a tribute to Vocta's love for the planet Tatooine and this was also the reason for the inclusion of a glowing neon bantha above the elaborate entrance to the complex.

Bantha Traxx was technically a subsidiary of Vector Technologies, also ran by Yin Vocta.

Prices at Bantha TraxxEdit

Food Price
Bantha stew5 credits/meal
The Desert Delight10 credits/meal
Drink Price
Jawa juice5 credits/glass
Tatooine Sunburn7 credits/glass
Desert bloom9 credits/glass
Bantha bottle10 credits/glass
Gift Shop Price
Plush Bantha Doll15 credits

Behind the scenesEdit

This may be an homage to the real-word Bantha Tracks magazine.


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