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This article is about the food. You may be looking for the establishment Bantha Burger.
Gep's Grill

A Whiphid vendor sells bantha burgers and dewback ribs.

"There is nothing like a bantha burger when you're watching a podrace."
―Race announcer[src]

A bantha burger was made from the grilled haunches of a bantha, served between two pieces of bread. They were sold by the Whiphids Fillin Ta and Norun Gep, at Gep's Grill on Tatooine. The meat was bought off hunters on the outskirts of Tatooine, and occasionally needed to have the former owner's brand removed before they could be sold. On slow weeks, the Whiphid partners would loot the bantha stalls to supplement their supplies.[1]

Bantha burgers were popular with the local workers. Bantha burgers were also sold on several worlds of the galaxy, for example in cantinas found in spaceports, searched for the occasional voyagers.

Trever Flume ate a bantha burger in Hallitron-7.



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