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Bar Oplut was a male Jedi Knight and a member of the Order of the Silver Jedi.


A Force-sensitive, Bar Oplut trained in the ways of the Force to become a Jedi Knight within the Order of the Silver Jedi, a sect of the Jedi Order who sought the complete and total annihilation of users of the dark side of the Force. Following a complicated experiment went wrong, the famed Jedi Knight Tel Angor became a Force Vampire, a terrible creature bent on draining the life out of its victims. In order to protect the galaxy, the Order dispatched a group of seven Jedi including Oplut to capture the vampire aboard an Outrider-class cruiser. Containing the former Jedi aboard the ship, the seven Jedi were content with guarding their prisoner eternally aboard the ship.[1]

However, a miscalculation saw to the escape of the vampire, who killed off the Jedi guards one by one. The last survivor, Jedi Oplut, managed to destroy the ship's hyperdrive and sublight drives to keep the Vampire from escaping, and soon after died valiantly.[1]


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