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The Barabi Run was originally a legitimate Mobquet medium transport named the Moonlight Cruise until Mika the Hutt had her renamed.

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"Barabi is a planet on the outer rim. Chicken Run was a movie that came out about two years before Tempest Feud was published. It sounded like a good name at the time."
―Jeff Grub[src]

Barabi Run first appeared in the role-playing adventure Tempest Feud, which was written by Jeff Grubb and published in 2002. The ship later appeared in Scourge, a novelization of the events of Tempest Feud that was released in 2012. When writing Tempest Feud, Grubb devised the name Barabi Run by combining the title of the 2000 film Chicken Run with the name of the planet Barabi.[1]



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