"Word around the womprat is you know how to get around. Get around the authorities that is! Har, har."
―Barak's e-mail to an unknown smuggler[src]

Barak was a member of the underworld who tasked smugglers to deliver crates of contraband to various sources.


During 1 ABY, Barak resided in the Bestine township on Tatooine. He once heard of a noteworthy smuggler, and sent the smuggler an e-mail requesting their assistance. The smuggler agreed to meet up with Barak to get some work. Barak had the smuggler deliver contraband to various individuals, including Kaleb, Diala, Jalen, Sarlin and Kara.[1]

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Barak is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He gives quests to players who are in the smuggler profession, by having them deliver contraband to various NPC's.


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