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Bargos the Hutt was a middle-ranked Hutt Cartel crime lord living on hard times in a palace somewhere on the Outer Rim.


Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, Bargos won an oridium mining operation in a game of sabacc. He called in the debt of a group of adventurers to travel to Gavos, a small planet just coreward of Hutt Space where the operation was based, to assess the worth of the mines. The adventurers discovered, however, that Bargos' new mines did not produce as much oridium as expected because, while the mines contain tons of oridium, the ore was too difficult to extract to be profitable.[1]

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The image used to depict Bargos the Hutt was originally used to depict Jabba the Hutt in the now defunct Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.


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