Barich was a scout trooper who held the rank of sergeant.



Barich glances back over his shoulder

At some point, he was born on Wakeelmui, a forest planet similar to Endor.

Barich was stationed on the forest moon of Endor, though he dreamed of flying with the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. He was a former employee of Sienar Fleet Systems missile division and developed speeder bike tactics with Corporal Misik.

Assigned to protect the bunker which generated Death Star II's shields, Barich was the scout being pursued by Princess Leia Organa. Fed up with her, Barich shot her speeder bike with his pistol causing her to fall off. After looking back to see her bike crash, Barich suddenly found out he was on a collision course with a fallen tree. His scream was drowned out by his crash.



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