Ben: "What do other Corellians here think?"
Barit: "There's a lot of us. And enough don't want to be dictated by the Galactic Alliance."
―Ben and Barit discuss the escalating Corellian insurgence against the Galactic Alliance[src]

Barit Saiy was a Corellian male born on Coruscant to the owner of the Saiy Engineering Workshop. During the Second Galactic Civil War, he met and befriended Ben Skywalker in the Corellian part of Coruscant. Barit told Ben that he was planning an attack on Coruscanti civilians. Something that Ben believed he shouldn't say until Barit attempted to fire on a Coruscant Security Force police officer, forcing Ben to tell his cousin and master, Jacen Solo, resulting in Barit's arrest. Ben later tried to track him down, but learned that Barit had disappeared.

Later, during his mission to assassinate Dur Gejjen, Ben would change his appearance by coloring his hair and taking the name "Barit Saiy" as an alias.

Sometime before or after Ben's break from Solo, Barit was released from custody by Lon Shevu and became his informant, even loaning him a shuttle from the University of Coruscant where he was most likely a student.



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