Barkhesh was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories.


Barkhesh was an Outer Rim planet. It was the homeworld of Judicial Forces pilot Antidar Williams.[1] According to Imperial Army High General Cassio Tagge, as documented in the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide, the 1st Tapani Assault Battlegroup claimed victory in the Humiliation of Barkhesh sometime before the Battle of Yavin. However, General Carlist Rieekan of the Rebel Alliance later refuted Tagge after the text fell into Rebel hands, claiming the 1st Tapani withdrew from Barkhesh after losing a fifth of its troopers in an acidic hailstorm.[2]

During the time of the Galactic Civil War, Barkhesh's population resisted the New Order and supported the Rebel Alliance. They supplied the Alliance with vital materials after the Battle of Yavin despite Imperial retaliation. On the planet was sold an indigenous microbe-based Barkhesh Insect Culture which was deadly to insects and used as bug repellent by scouts. New Republic environmentalists decried the Culture.

Barkhesh 1

The landscape of Barkesh was typically lush and green.

Around six months after the pivotal Battle of Yavin, the Rebel's Rogue Squadron provided aerial cover for a small supply convoy on the planet's surface, which planned to travel through Imperial territory in the Great Temple Valley to rendezvous with a Rebel Alliance shuttle. The Empire caught wind of the operation, and sent a reasonably large force of AT-ST walkers and TIE/sa bombers to intercept the convoy of transports. Rogue Squadron successfully protected the convoy, destroying a large portion of the forces.[3] After escaping the Imperial forces, the convoy rendezvoused with a Rebel Alliance Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.

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Barkhesh appears in the 1998 video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.



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