"You may trust them as you wish, Councilor. But I do not."
―Barkimkh to Leia Organa Solo[src]

Barkhimkh was a Noghri warrior, who, with Sakhisakh, was assigned as Leia Organa Solo's bodyguard during the Caamas Document Crisis. He and Sakhisakh accompanied Organa Solo throughout the Crisis, including her journeys to Bothawui and Pakrik Minor.

Briefly separated from her and Han Solo, the two Noghri caught up with them after they had been rescued by the former Imperial clones of Sleeper Cell Jenth-44. He did not trust Carib Devist or the other clones, declaring that all Imperials were untrustworthy. When Devist pointed out that the Empire had once commanded the Noghri's loyalty as well, Barkhimkh was insulted, but Organa Solo turned his blaster aside before he could react.

Such was his and Sakhisakh's shame at having failed to protect the Solos that he offered to accompany Solo, posing as a slave, on the latter's nearly-suicidal trip to Bastion, the Imperial Remnant's hidden capital world, though Solo declined, simply because the Noghri would be too conspicuous on any Imperial world.

Barkimkh and Sakisakh brought Zakarisz Ghent's message from Coruscant to her. When Ghent arrived in person to deliver Imperial Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon's peace offer, Barkimkh immediately denounced it as a trick, but he and Sakisakh nevertheless accompanied Organa Solo, Ghent, and Elegos A'Kla to meet with Pellaeon at Pesitiin.

At the climax of the Crisis, the two Noghri were with Organa Solo aboard the Ishori war cruiser Predominance when one of its weapons clusters was seized by a group of Imperial agents. Organa Solo detailed them to assist the Ishori armsmen in forcing the doors to the cluster, while she rushed to the bridge. They were unable to force the doors before the weapons cluster fired at the surface of Bothawui, igniting the Battle of Bothawui, but survived and were at Organa Solo's side while she observed the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty.

Personality and traitsEdit

Like all Noghri, especially those Noghri selected for Organa Solo's honor guard, Barkhimkh and Sakhisakh were intensely loyal to Organa Solo and her family, and harshly suspicious of the Empire and anything associated with it.