Barlok was a planet in the Barlok system of the Marcol sector, between three and six days of hyperspace travel from Coruscant, and was also a member world of the Galactic Republic. It was known for tisvollt forests, inhabited by the indigenous Karfs; its agricultural produce, including delicious prisht fruit; its sprawling Patameene District, including the Starbright hotel, Panky's restaurant, and the Covered Brush housing ring; and its mines, the ownership of which was a point of dispute between the guilds of the indigenous Brolfi and the Corporate Alliance, including the Mining Guild.

A Brolfi terrorist movement arose, viewing their leaders as having betrayed them to the Alliance. Kinman Doriana, on behalf of Darth Sidious, seemingly assisted them in an attack upon a discussion between the Brolfi Guildmaster and Magistrate Passel Argente. In truth, this only catalyzed Jorus C'baoth's success in resolving the dispute, making him seem a hero. This prestige allowed C'baoth to proceed unhindered with his Outbound Flight Project.



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