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A Human woman of Coruscanti ancestry was one of two such women to give birth to at least one of four children after being impregnated by the Morellian scout and outdoorsman Barosa Warren.[1] Among the children were the males Tole Warren, Alton Lochner, and Roland Warren, and the female Danlea Lochner, all Morellian–Human hybrids.[2]

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Alliance Intelligence Reports states that the four children of Barosa Warren were from two Human mothers, but it fails to note which woman mothered which child. Similarly, it does not indicate whether Warren was married to either woman when the children were born. With no birth dates listed for the hybrid children, the source also leaves ambiguous the era in which each woman lived and coupled with Warren, whether during the latter years of the Galactic Republic, during the Galactic Civil War, or both.[2]


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