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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith Book IV: Burning Seas. Caution is advised.


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"Inquisitors? I can deal with—"
"Yes—and another. Tall, armored, masked, black. All over black. Ackbar didn't get his name, but he said he was—"
"I know his name. Skywalker."
―Ferren Barr and King Lee-Char[src]

Ferren Barr was an Iktotchi male Jedi Padawan who one year after the establishment of the Galactic Empire, was present on the planet Mon Cala with six acolytes, Stell, Nipaltoo, Orvek, Verla, Rebb, and Daren. During his time on Mon Cala, Barr also served as an advisor to King Lee-Char. After the arrival of a tall black armored individual and the Inquisitorius on Mon Cala to hunt Barr, Lee-Char spoke with Barr and informed him of their arrival. Barr informed Lee-Char that he could handle the Inquisitors and that he also knew the identity of the tall black armored individual. Prior to Order 66 Barr sparred in lightsaber combat with Skywalker, noting that his skill was "spectacular."


Jedi PadawanEdit

Ferren Barr had the rank of Padawan[3] by the time of the Clone Wars and managed to spar with the greatly renowned Anakin Skywalker at some point. Barr and many others believed Skywalker would be the one to defeat the Sith that had recently revealed themselves to the Jedi.[1]

Fall of the Jedi OrderEdit

Barr could not complete his training to be a Jedi Knight as the Jedi Order was soon swept out of existence by the clone troopers. Barr was one of the few Jedi who survived the massacre and he immediately began investigating why the clones turned on the Jedi. He found a slicer who pulled up footage from a Coruscant Security Force holocam. It showed Skywalker attacking the Jedi Temple backed by a legion of clones. Barr soon found out about Order 66, a contingency order implanted into the clones which turned them on their Jedi allies. From there, Barr learned that Skywalker had become Darth Vader and that he was hunting other surviving Jedi. Furthermore, Barr learned that with Vader was allied with the Inquisitorius, other Jedi who had turned to the Dark side of the Force serving the Sith.[1]

During the first year of the Imperial Era, Barr went on forming his own group of acolytes. He met Nipaltoo—who's sister was one of the many fallen Jedi—in a cantina and mind tricked him into joining him. In the same place he met Orvek—whose home had been bulldozed by the Empire—and also used a mind trick to get him on board. Barr also met a man named Daren, who had been rescued by Skywalker during the Clone Wars and in addition to that he recruited Rebb and Stell, who both despised the Empire greatly.[3]

On Mon CalaEdit

After recruiting a sixth acolyte named Verla, Barr brought the six of them to Mon Cala where he came to influence King Lee-Char's negotiations with the Empire. The King's negotiating caught the attention of the Emperor who sent Darth Vader and three Inquisitors to investigate.[2] The three inquisitors were none other than the former Jedi Prosset Dibs, Bil Valen and Masana Tide, now named Tenth Brother, Sixth Brother and Ninth Sister.[3] Vader arrived simultanious to the departure of Ambassador Telvar, with Barr managing to sabotage Telvar's shuttle, which killed the entire crew. This prompted Telvar's superior, Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, to invade Mon Cala with his troops. Lee-Char, realising he an attack was imminent told Barr of Vader's arrival and Barr instantly knew it was Skywalker.[2]

Dark Lord 14 Battle of Dac City 2

Vader and his inquisitors fighting at Dac City

A battle subsequently raged on in Dac City and Vader and the inquisitors were tearing away at the Mon Calamari and Quarren defenses. Barr told Lee-Char to sacrifice the surface cities in order to sweep away the first wave of Imperial troops. Barr then notified his acolytes of Vader's—or in this case: Skywalker's—arrival and told them what he knew about the man's role in the fall of the Jedi Order. Lee-Char ordered this before being captured by Vader and the inquisitors. Ninth Sister interrogated Lee-Char and obtained the location of Barr from him. That was the moment when some giant creatures emerged to the surface and generated large waves, destroying the surface cities.[1]

The waves had swept away everything on the surface of Mon Cala, taking out the invading Imperial forces and sending Vader plummeting below the ocean surface. Lee-Char was too injured in the cataclysm and his Chief of Security, Gial Ackbar, rescued him. Upon regaining consciousness, Lee-Char remembered that he Barr's location had been compromised and immediately notified him that Vader was likely on his way. Unlucky for Barr, Vader was indeed on his way after being picked up by the inquisitors on an Imperial submarine.[4] He, knowing Vader's arrival was inevitable, ordered the evacuation of his refuge and set the place to self-destruct.[3]

Dark Lord 16 Bel City

Barr and his acolytes reaching Bel City

Barr and his acolytes fled the refuge to find Vader had arrived. They immediately scattered, except for Nipaltoo who attack Vader's submarine only to have his helmet crushed. The rest of them made for Bel City and as Vader grew nearer to catching them, Orvek sacrificed himself to slow him down. Barr and the four remaining acolytes made it to Bel City where Rebb and Stell decided to stay behind to slow Vader down. Vader and the inquisitors arrived, backed by their squad of elite clones, and Vader left them to find Lee-Char, under the orders of Moff Tarkin.[3]

Barr, Daren and Verla made for a landing platform, which they found to be empty. Daren was then cut in half by the inquisitors who trapped them on the platform. Barr stopped Verla from attacking them and faced them himself. Barr confronted the inquisitors, identifying their past names to them. Ninth Sister denied that their past was any problem to them and snapped back at Barr about his own past. Barr however was cunning and pointed out the role of the clones in the destruction of the Jedi, telling the inquisitors that they were still Jedi inside. Barr then used a mind trick, telling the clones to execute Order 66.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Ferren Barr was an Iktotchi male with brown skin and brown eyes. As an Iktotchi, Barr had two horns, although his right one was broken sometime before or early into the first year of the Imperial Era. Although a Jedi Padawan, Barr was incredibly aware of the past and believed it to be important, especially after the events of Order 66. Barr was very manipulative, being able to recruit six acolytes by either using his words or his ability in Jedi mind tricks. He subsequently led those acolytes to sacrifice themselves for him when they were on the run from Darth Vader. Barr had studied the various ways Darth Sidious had gained control of the galaxy, including the true role of clone troopers. He depicted their role in Order 66 and used it as an attempt to turn an elite squad of clones against the three Inquisitors—who used to be Jedi—in Bel City.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ferren Barr first appeared in the canon comic Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 13: Burning Seas, Part I[2] and identified in the subsequent Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 14: Burning Seas, Part II, both written by Charles Soule and penciled by Giuseppe Camuncoli.[1]


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