"Saarcheen and I aren't pups, Tarfful! We can take care of ourselves. We want to stay here!"

Barraak was a male Wookiee[1] of the common rwook subspecies.[2] from Kashyyyk. In 185 BBY, Barraak and his best friend Saarcheen accompanied three older Wookiees on an expedition in the Shadowlands of their homeworld, Kashyyyk. Barraak was brutally killed by Lix, a rat-like slaver whom they encountered in the Shadowlands. His death was later avenged by Chewbacca, one of his older companions, who disarmed and captured Lix and his business partners. Because he felt responsible for the pup's untimely passing, Chewbacca remained concerned about putting his friends in danger for the rest of his life.[1]

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