The Barrager's main laboratory

"If it's part of Balmorra, it's powering the Barrager."

The Barrager was a weapon developed in the Barrager Laboratory of the Balmorran Arms Factory on Balmorra during the Great Galactic War by Doctor Meln and Doctor Ortis. The Barrager would utilize enormous power reserves of the planet to destroy an orbiting fleet, thus preventing the Orbital Bombardment. The weapon was still unfinished when the Sith Empire invaded and took control of the planet. During the Galactic War the Sith Lord Darth Minax tried to get Doctor Carsiri and other scientists to complete the weapon, however Commander Cassius Madine of the Galactic Republic led a successful operation that resulted in taking over control of the Barrager. However, Carsiri informed the Republic strike team that merely using the Barrager would effectively drain all of Balmorra's power grid, leaving the planet an empty husk, and insisted it be destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Barrager's fate can be decided two ways: The light side option involves destroying it, in which the player(s) have to flee the lab, or the dark side option is to preserve the Barrager. If the latter is chosen, an in-game message sent to the player(s) will inform them that the Barrager is being modified to be more power efficient.