Barrga was a Hutt alive during the Great Galactic War. Although Barrga was hermaphrodite, the Hutt adopted a male personality.


Based out of Nar Shaddaa, Barrga was a moderately powerful crime lord and a member of the Hutt Cartel. He employed several smugglers, including the Mirialan Hylo Visz, to ferry black market goods and contraband across the galaxy. During a smuggling run to Corellia, the Hutt employed the Nikto Musk and a Weequay bodyguard to ensure Visz's compliance with her orders. Barrga's clients, the Rendili Vehicle Corporation, double-crossed the Hutt and destroyed Visz's ship, the Crimson Fleece. Although Musk and the Weequay were killed, the Mirialan survived the ordeal but decided not to return to Barrga's employ. She instead struck out on her own, eventually becoming the leader of an independent smuggling ring.



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