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Jedi Barriss Offee maintained her own private quarters in the Jedi Temple around 20 BBY during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars.

When the fugitive Padawan Ahsoka Tano was on the run for a crime that she did not commit in the Coruscant underworld, Offee kept in contact with her several times and provided her with information that Tano would use to hunt for proof of her innocence

Later, during Ahsoka's trial in the Republic military base, Barriss concealed her newly acquired lightsabers. Believing her to be a traitor, Anakin Skywalker entered her quarters and took her lightsaber in order to try and restrain her. However, she managed to escape before Anakin could stop her. She deflected the sudden strikes from Anakin's lightsabers by kinetically pulling Ventress's lightsabers that she had stolen out of a pot. The battle soon continued out of the quarters to the hall, thus leaving her quarters forever.

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Barriss Offee's quarters, as designed by David Le Merrer, are marked by the same black diamond pattern facial marks of Offee's face.[1]


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