Barrit Bosch was a slicer who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Bosch was a former protege of the infamous slicer Baylan and lived on the planet Bothawui. Circa 31 BBY, Bosch was hired by the criminal leader Alina Impeveri to create forged footage of her father, Senior Counselor Westa Impeveri, negotiating with the Trade Federation, to discredit the Counselor. However, Bosch also secretly gave a copy of the materials that were used to make the footage to Skall Delos, a close friend of Bosch, so that if Bosch was killed to conceal the origins of the faked footage, Delos could expose the party responsible for Boschs' death. Bosch died shortly afterward and Delos attempted to expose Alina, who he believed was responsible.

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