Captain Barse Neomen was a male Human who served in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. A competent officer who graduated from the Corulag Imperial Academy, he was stationed at the Sisar Run, placed under the command of Governor Newen Streeg's forces. He quietly despised Governor Streeg and would slip in subtle insults whenever possible; however, he was smart enough not to press his luck too much. He viewed his assignment to the Sisar Run as "just bad luck."

Neomen's ambition outshone his ability. He grew bored and that was when he became corrupted by Black Sun agents. He collected Expansionist Era art, specifically from the pre-Hutt Klatooinians and Niktos periods. His corruption helped his collection to grow without raising too many eyebrows. He commanded a Strike-class medium cruiser, the Ion Storm, where he kept his second-in-command Commander Surlev on a short leash because the other man was extremely loyal to Governor Streeg.


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