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"There's a title reserved for the most prestigious among us, whose wisdom and skill safeguard the galaxy. It hasn't been bestowed in thousands of years."
―Jedi Master Jaric Kaedan, mentioning the previous recipient of the title to the third Barsen'thor[src]

A Jedi individual, who lived thousands of years before the Cold War conflict, was the second person in the history of the Jedi Order to be granted the prestigious title of Barsen'thor, a Cerean word for Warden of the Order.


"In all our millennia of history, you will be the third to carry the title."
―Jedi Master Syo Bakarn, speaking to the third Barsen'thor[src]
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The Barsen'thor served the Jedi Order.

Millennia before the conflict known as the Cold War, a Force-sensitive individual was found by the Jedi Order and trained as a Jedi. At some point, the individual was recognized by the Order for exceptional accomplishments by being granted the honorific title of "Barsen'thor," which translated to "Warden of the Order"[1] from the Cerean language. Up until that point, the title had been previously used only once in the entire history of the Order, when it was posthumously bestowed upon the Jedi Padawan Lorjan Sakku, in memory of him sacrificing his life to protect the Order from his insane brother Lyhesh.[2]

After the second Barsen'thor's tenure, it would be thousands of years until the title would be used again, when it was granted during the Cold War to a Jedi Consular who prevented the near-eradication of the Jedi Order by the Sith-engineered disease called the Dark Plague.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The individual was sensitive to the Force and was a member of the Jedi Order. The Jedi displayed exceptional wisdom and skill for the individual's time, as the title of Barsen'thor was reserved only for the most exemplary members of the Order.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The second Barsen'thor was indirectly mentioned in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic released by BioWare and LucasArts on December 20, 2011.[3] During the course of the story of one of the game's playable character classes, the Jedi Consular, attains the title of Barsen'thor, and it is stated that[1] he[4] is the third person in the history of the Jedi Order to have been granted that title, and it has been thousands of years since the last recipient—the second Barsen'thor.[1] The 2012 reference book Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia established the identity of the first Barsen'thor as Lorjan Sakku, but neither the name, species nor gender of the second Barsen'thor were ever revealed.[2]


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