Barth was a lieutenant and flight engineer in the New Republic Defense Force.


Barth was able to speak some non-Basic languages such as Bothan, Corporate Sector Contract Standard, and could repeat all nine water curses in Mon Calamarian. Prior to his second assignment with Captain Sreas, who he served with for 19 missions in four months, Barth spent a year with the New Republic Third Fleet as a drag pilot on a fleet tender.

Barth, along with Sreas and Commodore Han Solo, was captured by the Yevetha while aboard the fleet shuttle Tampion. While in captivity, Barth and Solo were brought to Nil Spaar. While bound and out of fear for their lives, Barth urged Solo to "prevent a war" with the Yevetha. When Solo refused Nil Spaar's demands that he persuade Leia Organa Solo to recall New Republic Forces from the Koornacht Cluster, Nil Spaar murdered Barth by gutting him from hip to shoulder with his dew claw.