"The motley scalawags and other types aboard the Laughing Sullustan do serve one purpose. They have an ear on almost everything that's going on: not only on the Anchor but in local space as well."
Platt Okeefe[src]

The Bartog Syndicate was a group of criminals, who operated from the Laughing Sullustan aboard Zirtran's Anchor under the leadership of Ace of Staves. The group named themselves after the former owner of the Laughing Sullustan, Quentin Bartog. The denizens of the Anchor likened the Bartog Syndicate to a carnival troupe filled with gamblers, rogues, thieves, forgers, renegade droids, and failed bounty hunters. The Bartog Syndicate would often hold noisy parties, and engage in other activities that would annoy Defensus Solar.

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