Baruk's RA-7 droid

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"I'm not bad - just my master."
―Baruk's RA-7 droid[src]

Baruk's RA-7 droid was deployed in Reelo Baruk's garbage hauling company on Nar Shaddaa.


While searching for Baruk, Kyle Katarn stumbled upon the droid, who assured him that he was not evil, it was just his master Baruk who was evil. The droid also told Katarn to watch out for Baruk and asked not to be deactivated.

Behind the scenesEdit

The droid is canonical, appearing in Jedi Outcast, but has never been named. If the player approaches the droid, it will exchange some dialogue with Katarn. The player can choose to destroy the droid, but this does not affect the game in any way. There is another RA-7 servant droid at Baruk's Bar in one of the two secret areas inside the bar, he says the same lines.


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