Bas was a male Human colonel of the Imperial Remnant serving as wing commander of the starfighters aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera in 19 ABY.


His rather crude nature and blunt attitude towards situations made him a "sore thumb" amongst the more cultured bearings of the Starfleet, something for which he would be regarded with something of disdain by the officers of the Chimaera but would be appreciated and approved by then-Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, during his bid for a treaty of peace with the New Republic. Though trained in TIE Fighters, the disintegrating state in which the Imperial Remnant found itself prior to the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty—and the legalization of open trade between the two rival parties—forced Colonel Bas to include Preybird-class starfighters in his fighter wing. Despite misgivings about the usefulness of such craft, Bas personally witnessed their effectiveness in a skirmish with hostile pirates claiming to be Garm Bel Iblis where, following Paelleon's orders, he used his starfighters to effectively execute an A-wing Slash.



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