This article is about the real Voss. You may be looking for the man who replaced him.

Bas-Ton was a male Voss living on Voss during the Cold War. He was the brother of Therod-Ton and had two children - a son Phi-Ton and a daughter Yana-Ton. He also was the owner of a tea house in the Judicial Quarter of the Voss-Ka city.

At some point prior to 3641 BBY Bas-Ton was kidnapped and killed by the Imperial Intelligence of the Sith Empire. His likeness was then used to craft a Human Imperial Agent into an identical copy of Bas-Ton, who would then go and replace him in his life. The Agent led a double life for a long time and not even after his death at the hands of a bounty hunter did the real Bas-Ton's family ever suspect anything.


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