Base D-55 was a Galactic Republic military base, located on the planet of Dantooine during the Great Galactic War. It was commanded by Major Dael.


After the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, Dantooine was ceded to the Sith Empire and all Republic military forces were ordered to depart from the planet. Jedi Master Dar'nala and Jedi Knight Satele Shan were dispatched by the Jedi Council to oversee trooper withdrawal. En route, their ship, the Envoy, was attacked by a Sith warship. Master Dar'nala was captured, and eventually killed under torturous interrogation. Shan escaped in an escape pod and was later rescued by a Rendaran-class assault shuttle piloted by Lieutenant Tavus and Jedi Master Orgus Din, who were on their way to Balmorra.

After arriving on Balmorra, Tavus, Shan and the Mirialan Jedi, Fortris Gall were sent to continue overseeing the troop withdrawal on Dantooine. Shan and Tavus arrived at Base D-55 and were immediately contacted by Senator Paran Am-Ris informing them of the murder of Master Zym and Commander Lesl. Am-Ris again conveyed how important it was that Base D-55 and Dantooine be abandoned in concordance with the terms of the peace treaty with the Sith. Commander Dael refused to leave, stating that the treaty had already been broken by the Sith Empire. Lieutenant Tavus agreed with him, as did Fortris Gall, who had arrived several hours previously.

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