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The baspoor glider, also called the "sky swimmer" for its fishlike appearance, was an omnivorous flying amphibian found usually on temperate worlds, in particular on Belsavis. The gliders usually lived near small pools on the planet, circling around these pools, its unique physiology allowed it to "land" in water, where it could continue to propel itself with its powerful wings. Due to the lack of proper legs, the gliders had very little mobility on solid surfaces and, should it find itself grounded, it had difficulty taking flight again.

In their first months of life, the young of the baspoor glider were carried on the mother's back, eating her skin for nourishment, while the mother focused on her own needs, such as gathering her own food and protect herself from predators. The gliders were particularly fast to recover from injuries, making them heal their wounds quickly each day.


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