"Bastinade is here."
"Can your people keep this one from being blown up? You only have nine more shuttles.
―Sloane informs Vidian that the Bastinade is ready to pick them up[src]

The Bastinade was one of eleven Lambda-class T-4a shuttles carried by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Ultimatum during its mission to the planet Gorse. After the Lambda-class shuttles Truncheon and Cudgel were destroyed on Gorse's surface during conflict between the planet's population and the Galactic Empire, Bastinade was sent to the Imperial Spaceport in Gorse's Highground neighborhood to pick up Count Denetrius Vidian and Captain Rae Sloane and return them to the Ultimatum.[3] Like all Lambda-class shuttles, Bastinade was built by Sienar Fleet Systems[1] and equipped with 2 forward double laser cannons, 2 wing-mounted double cannons, 1 rear double laser cannon and a hyperdrive.[4] It measured 20 meters in length, and could carry up to 80 metric tons

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"All three Ultimatum shuttles we learn about are named for weapons of thumping people over the head. I am glad we didn't need more shuttles because I don't think I could have sold Billy Club and Shillelagh."
―John Jackson Miller talks about naming the shuttles on his blog[src]

The Bastinade first appeared in the novel A New Dawn, written by John Jackson Miller and published in 2014.[3] In the production notes for the book released on Miller's blog, the author stated that he purposefully named each of the Ultimatum's shuttles after weapons used for striking people on the head.[5]


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