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Bastion was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, commanded by Captain Brannij, which served under Moff Kentor Sarne in the Battle of Kathol System.

During the battle, Bastion and its sister-ship Raptor were called in to protect Kathol from New Republic forces, which were led by the Bothan Kursk Mal'ia and the Bothan Combat Response Element. The combined firepower of the two Star Destroyers began to turn the battle in the Empire's favor, but the death of DarkStryder and the defeat of Moff Sarne left the Imperial fleet without leadership. The Bastion took heavy damage, until Captain Brannij realized that Sarne was only worried about saving himself. Brannij then ordered the Bastion's guns to fire on the launch gate which orbited Kathol, destroying the gate and robbing Sarne of any hope of re-establishing the gates. Once Sarne was defeated, Brannij took the Bastion and the remaining Imperial ships and fled into hyperspace.