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"Bastion's proper name is one secret the Imperial have managed to keep."
Talon Karrde[src]

Bastion was the code-name for the capital worlds of the Imperial Remnant after the Galactic Empire lost control of Coruscant.

During the latter years of the Galactic Civil War, the capital was moved from planet to planet, each temporarily being designated "Bastion". A degree of continuity between these worlds was maintained not just by their serving as successive meeting place of the Moff Council, but also by their role as the Empire's administrative headquarters, home to the state archives removed from Coruscant in 7 or 10 ABY, plus the associated bureaucratic functionaries, and also the site of Bastion Military Control, the central apparatus of the Imperial Navy.

It is possible that Orinda and Ord Cantrell were early Bastions, but by 12 ABY the site of the Imperial capital was unknown to the New Republic, and the rogue Jedi and former Alliance Special Forces commando Dal Konur attempted to locate the planet. By 19 ABY, the central administration had relocated to Sartinaynian, the capital of Braxant sector, which remained the capital of Imperial space for more than a century, and came to adopt the name of Bastion as its own.

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