Bastori Rak was a member of the Warrior caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. He led a boarding party aboard the Jeolocas, where he encountered a female Twi'lek captain who put up no resistance. She informed them that they were carrying 327 refugees, as well as Jedi training materials—including holos, new lightsabers, and "infectious agents" which turned normal people into Jeedai. Believing that he had stumbled on a find that would result in escalation, Rak ordered the Twi'lek to take his troops there. When he asked her to open the containers, she instead revealed that she was a Jedi—Alema Rar—and drove her lightsaber into his neck and shoulder, slicing off his tactical villip. His vonduun crab armor was the only reason he wasn't decapitated outright. As he died, he watched YVH 1 droids kill his troops.


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