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"Please meet me at bath Rabbud's to discuss details."
Fesvk Wefos[src]

Bath Rabbud's was a popular bistro on Cularin,[1] with some of the best cuisine on the planet.[2]


Fesvk Wefos of the Usable Resource Location, Recovery, and Development Corporation called a meeting there to organize a rescue effort of the kidnapped scientist Shilaea Motacc. Following the mission's successful conclusion, he also held a party there to celebrate.[1] He again used the bistro to launch a mission to rescue a "lost courier" on Depatar. However, the "courier" was actually the Jedi Knight Alec, who had uncovered a plan of Wefos to attack a number of cities on Genarius. When Wefos's agents realized his true motives they switched sides. Returning to Rabbud's to confront Wefos he instead sent an astromech droid rigged with a bomb to harm the agents.[2] Some weeks later, the bistro was used by Alec and his companions to organize a mission to destroy Wefos's battle platform Conkesta.[3]


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