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This article is about the patrol craft. You may be looking for the military unit.

The Battalion was an Imperial Praetor-class battlecruiser that operated shortly after the rise of the New Order.


In 19 BBY, the Battalion was part of the 12th Sector Army and functioned as Admiral Adar Tallon's Command ship during the Sy Myrthian Insurrection. It destroyed the Separatist flagship Defiance's Banner at the Battle of Trasemene.[3]

The Battalion was later assigned to the Dalchon sector and tasked with protecting the area from pirates.[5] When the hero of the Clone Wars Adar Tallon, found himself more and more opposed to the way of the new Empire, he decided to fake his death and go into exile.[2] To achieve this, Tallon chose the Battalion and manned the ship with a loyal crew. Responding to a faked distress signal from a medium freighter that was supposedly attacked by pirates, Tallon entered the Dalchon system. There he and his crew transferred over to the freighter, while the pirate pinnace, commanded by Tallon's childhood friend Quist, destroyed the Battalion.[2]

Later investigations would report that Tallon and his crew died as heroes, protecting the innocent from pirates.[2] No traces of the ship or its crew were found.[5] Tallon, officially mourned as a hero of the New Order, and his crew lived undercover on Tatooine, while Quist continued his career as a pirate.[2]



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