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Jinzler: "What's wrong with the Rendili Battle Horn-class? It's got the size you want, it's got the speed?"
Tarkosa: "It's a freighter."
Jinzler: "It's a bulk cruiser, not a freighter. It's armed, it's armored, it's got the range, it's got the capacity?"
―Jinzler suggesting a Battle Horn cruiser to Tarkosa[src]

The Battle Horn-class bulk cruiser was a model of bulk cruiser manufactured by Rendili StarDrive, and was named for the Battle Horn, a famous Rendili ship that served the New Republic.[2] When Dean Jinzler was suggesting a list of ships the group of survivors of the Outbound Flight Project could use to leave the planetoid on The Redoubt, he suggested a Battle Horn-class ship, but Brace Tarkosa and Chas Uliar turned it down.[1]



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