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Many years before 2000 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Phobos was killed in battle against a joint force of Jedi and Sith warriors.

The battleEdit

The Jedi and Sith recognized Phobos and her cult as a dangerous threat in the galaxy, so they reluctantly joined forces against the cult in an attempt to stop the Theelin Sith Lady. The battle ended in a Jedi/Sith victory, with Darth Phobos destroyed. However, her cult still existed, only to become extinct during the Fourth Great Schism in 2000 BBY.


Despite Phobos was sure to be dead, rumors of her survival continued to be said for centuries, and that became a ghost story that padawans told each other in the Jedi Order. For the Trial of Insight, a hologram was created as part of the Jedi Trials' line-up of potential Sith adversaries for Padawans near knighthood, her holocron had been activated with the Jedi's presence, releasing the phantom form of the long dead Sith Lady.

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