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"This is the Gravestone! This was the only ship that ever went up against the Eternal Fleet and won. Do you have any idea how long people have been looking for this thing?"
―Koth Vortena[src]

Sometime prior to 4635 BBY,[1] a battle occurred in the far western reaches of the galaxy, where the droid-controlled Eternal Fleet was systematically eradicating all life in the Unknown Regions. The Fleet was finally stopped in a confrontation with the Gravestone, a massive alien frigate that used its Omnicannon—a powerful weapon able to spread damage from a single shot to multiple adjacent targets—to drive back the fleet. The Gravestone ultimately proved victorious, forcing the fleet into a state of dormancy somewhere in the Unknown Regions. After the battle, the Gravestone's unknown builders scuttled the ship in the eastern Endless Swamp of the planet Zakuul, where it was lost to history for centuries, though the story of the battle would became famous.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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