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"Well, I don't quite understand your purpose here in attacking our ships—but you certainly shouldn't hurt me."
Imperial Supervisor Gurdun to IG-88.[src]

The Battle en route to the second Death Star ended shortly after it began. It began when the assassin droid, IG-88A, intercepted an Imperial shuttle, carrying the Death Star's Computer Core. After destroying the shuttle's escort, IG-88 boarded the vessel. Onboard, IG-88's stormtrooper droids battled real stormtroopers on the shuttle. IG-88A was surprised to find Supervisor Gurdun who had overseen Project Phlutdroid, was in the bridge. When Gurdun told him that he should be gracious toward him, for commissioning his construction, IG-88 thanked him, then planted several explosives on the vessel, as his stormtroopers carried the core out, and downloaded its contents onto their modified core. As IG-88's identical shuttle rode away, the real shuttle exploded.