The Battle for Iokath was a conflict taking place shortly after the formation of the Eternal Alliance between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic for control of the planet and its resources.[1]


Lana Beniko and an Eternal Alliance scouting party were sent ahead to Iokath on the Commander's orders to determine the location of the superweapon while the Commander and Theron Shan took care of other matters.[1]

However, unaware to the Alliance scouts and Lana, the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic had arrived with their fleets to take over Iokath. Lana had immediately spotted a group of Republic troopers and while evading them came across Imperial troopers until both forces collided with each other. Lana was on holo call with Theron and the Alliance Commander as they became aware of the situation. The Commander ordered the Eternal Fleet to converge on Iokath at once.[1]


Upon arrival with the Eternal Fleet, the Commander and Theron noticed that neither the Imperial nor Republic fleets were attacking each other and they suddenly found themselves caught in a field that rendered the Eternal Fleet useless for the moment anyway.[1]

Upon reaching the Alliance command center, the Commander was greeted by Lana Beniko who introduced them to Malavai Quinn, former member of the Empire's Wrath squad, and Elara Dorne, former member of Havoc Squad, as the envoys of the Empire and Republic respectively. Both Quinn and Dorne denied being sent as assassins and conveyed that their leaders would like to speak with the commander.[1]

Empress Acina and Jace Malcom appeared via holo and conveyed their wish for the Eternal Alliance to side with their respective factions in hope of destroying the other and claiming the superweapon. The Commander sought counsel with Lana and Theron on this matter before allying themselves.[1]

After choosing who to ally with, the leader of the opposing party had their representative cause chaos in the command center before escaping and the Battle for Iokath began.[1]

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Gameplay alternativesEdit

The player will have the choice to align with the faction they want. Depending on the choice, the player will receive a returning companion, Malavai Quinn for aligning to the Sith Empire or Elara Dorne for aligning to the Republic, if the Alliance commander was the Empire's Wrath then they'll have the opportunity to kill Quinn or have him defect to the Alliance should they side with the Republic. Siding with one of the factions will also lead to the death of the other faction's leader.[4]


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