Battle for the Black Hole

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Battle of Corellia

Battle for the Black Hole

Galactic War


3641 BBY


Black Hole, Corellia


Sith Empire

Galactic Republic



General Adele Konya

Councilor Harmon Torvix

A battle between the Galactic Republic, the Sith Empire, and the Coronas gang under Councilor Harmon Torvix occurred on Corellia after the Battle of Corellia, as the three forces fought for control of the Black Hole hypermatter refinery.

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Galactic War
(3642 BBY – )
Galactic timeline

Previous: Cold War
(36533642 BBY)

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(c. 3522 BBY)

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Collapse of peace
(3,642 BBY)

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Renewed war
(3641 BBY)

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Belsavis · A-77 · Voss · First Corellia · Rabaan · Javelin
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Open conflict
(3,641– )

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