Battle for the Darksaber

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The Battle for the Darksaber was fought in the asteroid field of the Hoth system. New Republic forces, fearing another Alderaan incident, ambushed and sabotaged the Darksaber weapon.

In the process, the New Republic lost one of its greatest generals, Crix Madine, and the battle ended on a worse note: his ultimate sacrifice was summarily wasted on a flawed weapon that malfunctioned, failed to even fire properly and was destroyed by two planetoid size asteroids within the asteroid belt when its superlaser refused to fire to clear the path.


New Republic

Hutts/Black Sun

Behind the scenes

Although an image from The New Essential Chronology shows a Dreadnaught as part of the fleet attacking the Darksaber, the novel does not state that any such ships took part in the battle. It may be intended to depict the Dodonna, which is an Assault Frigate rather than a standard Dreadnaught.



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