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"Do you want to be Lok's slave? There is more to the Force than the dark! There is more to life than serving a master! All you are to Daegen Lok is a path to power! You must choose who you want to be!"
―Shae Koda, to Xesh[src]

In the year 25,793 BBY, a battle occurred in the Ryo Fortress on the planet Shikaakwa between the mad warrior Daegen Lok and his ally Xesh, and a team of Je'daii sent to capture the two. Lok, Xesh, and their captive Shae Koda arrived at Ryo Fortress to seek the support of Clan Ryo and its leader Volnos Ryo, but the arrival of Je'daii Rangers Hawk Ryo and Rori Fenn, as well as the Je'daii Journeyer Sek'nos Rath and the stranger Trill, led to an all-out battle. The fighting ended when Xesh was convinced to side with the Je'daii by Koda, and Lok was captured and brought back to Tython.


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