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This article is about the Clone Wars' battle. You may be looking for other Battles of Acherin.

The Battle of Acherin was a conflict in the final days of the Clone Wars.


Fearing the Galactic Republic's rule was becoming more and more absolute, the planet Acherin joined the Separatist cause early on.

The battleEdit

The battle raged until the very end of the war, when the Acherin Separatist commanders began ceasefire-negotiations with the Jedi General Garen Muln.

Progress was going well, until Supreme Chancellor Palpatine issued Order 66, marking Muln as a traitor to the Republic. When the clone troopers came for him, commanders Raina Quill and Toma helped Garen Muln flee Acherin in secret.


Realizing the threat of the new Galactic Empire, the people of Acherin began a resistance movement, and would fight in yet another battle, that lasted almost a year.



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