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The Battle of Archais was a conflict between three Rebel SpecForce units and an alliance between Imperial forces and the Assassin's Guild.

The Rebel Alliance forces included the Shroud Team and the Midnight and Storm Squadrons from Eclipse Team. The Imperial forces, led by then-lieutenant colonel Freja Covell, included members of the Assassin's Guild. The battle took place throughout the eastern seas of the planet Archais.

One of the Rebel units was trapped by the enemy fire in the Tylerin Enbankment, and the other two were in similarly compromised situations. In that precise moment, Rebel officer Mosara Thiirn surrendered her ship and herself to Covell. Considering that Thiirn was in a comparatively safe situation and in a good place to save the others, her desertion led to a worsening of the Rebel status. The Tylerin Enbankment unit was eventually rescued by Rebel agents Shaparo and Norrion Glidamir, but many other teams were not that lucky.

Thiirn wanted to provide the Empire with classified information about the Rebel Alliance, but she knew nothing of value to them. Due to all this, Thiirn was particularly disliked and the Rebel veterans of Archais would have killed her should they had ever found her again. General Airen Cracken feared for Thiirn's fate if she was ever found by either Akul Witig, who wrote a report on Thiirn and the battle, and who was trapped on Tylerin, or by P. Essex Yerac.

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