The Battle of Artus Prime occurred in 12 ABY between the Empire Reborn and New Republic forces on the Artus Prime mining facility.


The Empire Reborn fleet captured the mining colony on the planet Artus Prime. With its main export of Force-sensitive Artusian crystals the mine was a vital target in the Shadowtrooper project. The miners became prisoners and test subjects for the force crystal experiments.


Kyle Katarn sabotages the mining operation before the battle.

After the Kejim Outpost investigation, Mon Mothma sent the mercenaries Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors to Artus Prime to infiltrate the hostile grounds and confirm the mining of Artusian crystals. They discovered arrayed against them nearly 300 Imperials with both ATSTs and TIE/LN starfighters.[2]

The BattleEdit

Katarn entered the facility and, battling hostile forces, released the prisoners from their cells, who soon armed themselves. They attempted to escape, but the main gate was closed and guarded by three AT-ST walkers, one in the canyon, another on the higher level near the main gate, and another in a hangar at the other end of the canyon. Kyle eliminated the walkers using the base's turbolasers. He then turned off powerful shields that protected the ion cannons, then moved on to disable the defense system to allow the New Republic fleet to enter the system.


Shootout during the battle.

With the ion cannons destroyed, Jan Ors was able to touch down on the colony with the Raven's Claw while the Republic deployed an evacuation transport for the prisoners. Upon landing, Jan was captured by the Dark Jedi Desann. Realizing something was wrong, Kyle fought his way to the landing pad. It was actually a trap for Kyle. Once Tavion Axmis, Desann's apprentice, had secured Jan and taken her inside Desann's shuttle, an enraged Kyle attacked Desann, but without a lightsaber or a connection to the Force, he was easily defeated. Hoisted off the ground by Desann and mocked by the Dark Jedi, Kyle threatened Desann when he suggested that Jan would hold up to experiments better than the Artus Prime colonists. Upon hearing these words, Desann ordered Tavion to kill Ors. Kyle heard Jan's scream as Tavion appeared to kill Ors, bringing out Katarn's rage. Desann threw him aside and fled with Tavion in his shuttle. Provoked by Desann's taunt about how weak he had become, Kyle traveled to the Valley of the Jedi to reclaim his force powers, with the Dark Jedi secretly following him. The Republic fleet reclaimed the mining colony after bombarding it.

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The mission appears in the 2002 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.



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