The Battle of Asylum occurred in 3632 BBY when Emperor Arcann of the Eternal Empire, having been notified of the Outlander's presence at the shadowport Asylum by the Scion Heskal, seeking to bring the Eternal Fleet to Asylum and attacked it. However, thanks to the Gravestone and its crew, the populace of Asylum and the Gravestone managed to escape the Eternal Fleet, though not without some losses.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gameplay alternativesEdit

At the climax of Chapter VIII: Taking Flight, the player character fights a second duel against Arcann. After wearing down his health points, the ensuing cutscene has Valkorion telling the player to accept his power to defeat Arcann.

  • Accepting grants dark side points, as the player bombards the Arcann with a storm of Force lightning, of which the usurper Emperor barely holds his own. The storm then affects the resistance starships in proximity to the control spar, instantly killing the crews aboard.
  • If the player refuses Valkorion's offer, they are granted light side points and are impaled by Arcann, though not fatally. Koth Vortena or Lana Beniko rescues the Outlander by collapsing the roof on Arcann.

Ultimately, Arcann is thrown off the platform, though he survives the fall.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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