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"The miners are lightly armed, barely a threat."
―Darth Vader[src]

The Battle of Bandomeer occurred between Imperial forces and the Ionite miners of Bandomeer in 19 BBY.


"The miners have surrendered, my Lord. The last survivors are being rounded up. I have our casualty reports—fourteen dead, twenty-three wound—"
―Commander Vill reports the Imperial casualties to Darth Vader[src]

Approximately four months after the Declaration of a New Order, the ionite miners of Bandomeer refused to honor their Republic contracts with the Galactic Empire. In order to teach them to treat the new government with respect, Emperor Palpatine ordered his apprentice, Darth Vader, to deal with the local resistance.

The Imperial Army quickly overwhelmed the lightly armed miners and established control over the planet. However, despite the success of the mission, Darth Vader continued to doubt if the Emperor sent him to Bandomeer to simply get him out of the way, as he believed that he should be hunting Jedi like Dass Jennir. His doubts were confirmed afterwards, when he met with Commander Vill upon a cliff, overlooking the battlefields. Vill reported on the successful battle and the minor casualties the Imperials had suffered. Vader then asked Vill whether there was a Contingency Order for Vader's assassination, as there had been for the Jedi Order. Vill hesitated to answer, which led Vader to Force push the clone stormtrooper from the cliff, killing him, and then covering himself to a passing by clone stormtrooper by claiming that Vill had simply fell.


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